Three Myths About Event Catering Services

Catering adds a touch of class to any event, whether it's small or large. It can also relieve the host and hostess of extra work and stress, both before and during the event, when they know that food is taken care of. If you don't have a lot of experience hiring caterers for a family event, such as for a wedding or birthday party, you may inadvertently fall prey to some myths that surround the catering industry. Knowing the truth about hiring a catering service can save you money and make the food service for your event flow more smoothly.

Myth #1: Always Pad the Guest List

This myth has its basis in self-catered events, where hosts and hostesses always prepare a little bit extra in case an unexpected guest drops in or if someone is a bigger eater than expected. Caterers are professionals, though, and they are quite good at knowing exactly how much food to prepare – including extra for just these circumstances – when provided with an accurate guest number. All that padding the guest list will achieve is the caterer making more food than is necessary, resulting in more food waste and a higher cost.

Myth #2: Caterers Must Be Micromanaged

You can probably blame the movies for this one. Scenes of crazy catering mishaps and stressed out hosts bring on the laughs when shown on the silver screen, but they don't reflect reality. Your catering team will come with a head wait person or manager that will act as your main point of contact with the team. They will check in with you as needed to let you know when the caterers are ready for specific events, such as the main meal or a champagne toast, or to apprise you of any problems and the solution they will be implementing. This person's job is to handle the details and micromanagement of the team, so you can relax and enjoy your event.

Myth #3: Caterers Don't Require Long Set-Up or Break-Down Times

This all depends on the nature of the service. While some caterers prepare all food offsite, so they can quickly begin serving almost as soon as they arrive, those that provide full service may need more time to set up. This is especially true for caterers that provide tables, chairs, linens, and place settings, and for those that will be preparing the meal onsite. Before reserving your event location, check with your caterers so you can get an accurate timeline. This ensures you reserve the location for the length of time required for the caterers to both prepare for your event and to break down afterward.

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